• publish: 10 March 2018
  • time: 5:39 pm
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Afghan HPC: Seek peace with Taliban but will fight against ISIS

The head of Afghan high peace council Mohammad Karim Khalili has said that Afghanistan will seek negotiations with the Taliban but will fight against the ISIS terror group.

Addressing a gathering in western city of Herat on Friday at the 23rd anniversary of Afghan National Martyr Abdul Ali Mazari, the head of Afghan high peace council, Mohammad Karim Khalili said there is such a peace door for the ISIS group in Afghanistan.

Just at the same time Karim Khalili was talking regarding the fight against the ISIS group in Afghanistan, a suicide bomber linked with the terror group detonated himself at a same gathering in Capital Kabul.

The attack which was claimed by ISIS left at least 10 people killed and at least 20 others wounded.

Khalili said: “we want to reach to peace agreement with the Taliban in order to stop conflicts in the country, and the Taliban should choose the peace if they think of the country and Afghan people.”

He said: “when we are talking of peace, we mean we are looking to a peace agreement with the Taliban. The ISIS should know there is no such a door for them.”

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