• publish: 10 October 2015
  • time: 7:52 pm
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Afghan interior ministry offers bounty on militants’ hidings in Kunduz

To accelerate the clearance operation, Ministry of Interior said on Saturday that it would offer cash in rewards in return for information about foreign terrorists and Afghan insurgents hiding in Kunduz city.

Spokesman to the interior ministry Seddiq Seddiqi said that in order to speed up clearance operation in Kunduz and sweep out insurgents from the city, the ministry is ready to provide bounty on militants hiding in the provincial capital.

Speaking at a press conference here he said that operations launched by Afghan security forces are moving ahead in Kunduz city, but still there are some terrorists hiding in civilian population. “Those people, who share information about terrorists hiding in Kunduz city, their identity will not be disclosed,” he added.

He said that Seh Darak and Kotigerd areas in the city were cleared from insurgents.

Afghan forces would use all possible means to eliminate Taliban fighters and terrorists in Kunduz province. “Operation will continue in different parts of Kunduz city. Police will do its best to protect civilians,” the spokesman said.

Seddiqi said that Afghan forces have also retaken Gerziwan district from insurgents and operation is underway against rebels in Faryab province.

Detailing about the Taliban casualties in the past 24 hours, he said that 190 militants were killed and 64 others wounded in clearance operations in different provinces.

“The Taliban suffered heavy casualties in Kandahar and Logar provinces,” he said.


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