• publish: 9 August 2016
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Afghan leaders came under sharp criticism of UNAMA/ Corruption made leaders wealthier

Michael Hartman of UNAMA expressed his sharp criticism to Afghan leaders over growing administrative corruption in Afghanistan and said leaders in the country have become wealthier due to this growing corruption.

Michael Hartman in a gathering here in Kabul which was attended by senior Afghan officials said “I know Afghan people have become wealthier due to growing corruption here.”


He who seemed extremely concerned with such growing rate of corruption in the country said these money should be taken back from them (corrupts) and be given to government.


“I have been a prosecutor for several years, but I am not wealthy; however, the story is different in Afghanistan,” he said.


Afghanistan was recorded as the second most corrupt country in the world after Somalia, according to an international report.


Afghan government in a bid to curb corruption in the country obliged all senior officials to register their assets.


However, Mr. Hartman said almost 6 thousands forms of assets registration have been received, but no one has filled them out precisely.


Michael Hartman also referred to “Access to Information Act” and said that it has been two years since the law has been passed but yet to be implemented.


Not implementing the Access to Information Act is itself a ground for corruption, said he, adding that no transparency will occur until the Act is implemented.


He asked the government to fight against corruption, so that Afghan people can rely on government.


He also said that UNAMA will investigate into the foreign banks’ accounts to find how much money Afghan leaders have transferred to abroad. “We will take those money and bring them back to Afghanistan.”


President’s special representative for reforms and good governance Ahmad Zia Masoud who was at the gathering also confirmed the widespread corruption in the country.


Zia Masoud said “fighting against corruption takes time and capacity building. It is impossible to eliminate it in a short period of time.”


Office of the president’s special representative for reforms and good governance held a one day meeting for betterment of reforms in the country. The meeting was attended by senior officials including acting director of Directorate for Local Governance, Administrative Reforms Commission, minister of justice, deputy to ACC and some civil organizations.


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