• publish: 9 August 2016
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Afghan ministry of defence confirms Daesh top commander for Afghanistan killed

Top Daesh commander for Afghanistan and Pakistan (or so-called Khorasan) Hafez Saeed was killed in eastern Nangarhar province, Afghan ministry of defence confirmed.

Mohammad Zaman Amiri commander of 201 Sillab army corps told reporters in Achin district of Nangarhar province that Hafez Saeed top Daesh commander for Afghanistan and Pakistan was killed in eastern Nangarhar province during last week’s clashes.


Hafez Saeed along with his 23 companions was killed during Qhahr-e-Sillab operations in Achin district.


Earlier, some officials in ministry of defense also suggested that top Daesh commander had been killed in Nangarhar province.


President Ashraf Ghani has ordered all security forces to eliminate Daesh loyalists in the country, after the group conducted some activities in eastern Nangarhar province.


Afghan security forces have since then launched a number of operations against the group to completely eliminate them from the province; for example, as a results of which, recruiting center of the group in Kot district of Nangarhar was destroyed.


Qhar-e-Sillab operations have been going on against the terror group since two weeks ago in Kot, Achin, Naziyan and Haska Mina districts of eastern Nangarhar province.


Daesh terror group has reportedly created strongholds and hideouts near and on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Three weeks ago, deputy to military commander for Daesh was also killed in Saray-e-Bazar area of Kot district.


Officials have also confirmed that slight casualties have been inflicted to Afghan forces and civilians during the operations.

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