• publish: 4 September 2017
  • time: 9:04 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 4733

Afghan MoF condemns Muslims killings in Myanmar

Afghan ministry of foreign affairs strongly condemned the killings of Rohingyas’ Muslims minority by Myanmar’s military and called it an act of genocide.

Afghan ministry of foreign affairs released a statement today that in which strongly condemned the killings of Muslim-minority of Rohingyas in Myanmar by the country’s military forces.

The ministry also called on the United Nations and world Humanitarian communities to investigate the act of genocide committed by Myanmar’s military against Muslim-minority of Rohingyas.

Rohingyas Muslims living in Buddhist-dominant Myanmar have been in constant persecution for years, while there hasn’t been any proper reaction from humanitarian entities and countries of democracy advocate.

Myanmar’s military claiming Rohingyas are not indigenous citizens of the country is forcing them out the country. At least 78 thousand Rohingyas have had to leave Myanmar this year.

Myanmar officials have not only taken any proper actions yet but also denied the killings being done by its military, claiming a terrorist group is behind the killings.

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