• publish: 2 November 2017
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Afghan nation stands with the Taliban: Sami ul Haq

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party led by Maulana Sami ul Haq has said that the Afghan nation stands with the Taliban.

haqThe party’s spokesman talking to local Pakistani media outlets has said that the Afghan nation stands with the Taliban and peace will not be restored in Afghanistan unless all foreign troops leave the country.

Maulana Yousuf Shah spokesman to the party has said that the leader of the party Maulana Sami ul Haq has been approached by the Afghan President and the Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan regarding his meddling in the Afghan reconciliation process.

Maulana Sami ul Haq is a Pakistani religious scholar and a politician. He is regarded as the “Father of the Taliban”and had close ties to Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar. Sami ul Haq is currently the chancellor of Darul Uloom Haqqania, a Deobandi Islamic seminary which is the alma mater of many prominent Taliban members.

“Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Ambassador to Pakistan Omar Zakhilwal have been pursuing the Darul Uloom Haqqania chief [Samiul Haq] to help restore peace in Afghanistan,” Shah told The Express Tribune.

He claimed that “But even if he [Haq] approaches the Taliban, the Afghan nation will not accept foreign troops’ presence in their country.”

“The Afghan government is confined to the district headquarters only and rest of the country is being run by the Afghan Taliban,” he said.

Shah insisted that “The Afghan nation stands by the Taliban. The moment the foreigners leave; peace will automatically be restored across Afghanistan.”

This comes as the leader of the party had earlier vowed support to Afghan peace and reconciliation process.

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