• publish: 21 August 2015
  • time: 9:24 am
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Afghan onions in Indian vegetable markets

With onions in short supply and their prices soaring, vegetable dealers in Amritsar of India have started importing bulbs from Afghanistan to meet their demands.

“For now, we are getting six to eight truckloads of Afghani onions to meet local demand. Each truck carries 32-36 tons of onions,” said a wholesale onion dealer Gaurav Behal.

Behal said that the onion exported to India was produced in areas around Kabul and Afghanistan traders stated that in two weeks, crop from Mazar-i-Sharif would arrive in the market which would be of better quality.

In the Amritsar wholesale vegetable market, Afghani onion was sold for Rs 15-25 per kilogram and was largely purchased by hotels, dhabas and restaurants whereas the Indian onion was still in demand for domestic use, said Behal.

With wholesale rate of onion in Nasik’s Lasalgaon market touching Rs 49 per kg on Thursday, prices of the bulb were likely to shoot up in rest of India, he said.

In the retail market, Indian onion was being sold for Rs 45-55 per kg in Amritsar but sales had declined in the past one week.

A wholesale vegetable importer from Bathinda, who was in Amritsar to strike deal for Afghanistan onions, said he had already placed an order of three truckloads produced from Mazar-i-Sharif with the importers.

“Local supplies are going to be low so good quality, Afghan onion would be in demand in the market,” he said.

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