• publish: 28 March 2021
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Afghan part of CASA-1000 project 30% completed

The CASA-1000 project was delayed for more than two years.

In the last solar year, only 30% of the construction on the CASA -1000  power transmission project was completed, falling short of a more optimistic pledge that the project would be completed.

Officials in Kunduz province say that at least 140 power transmission columns were constructed in the province and the next step is to begin column construction in Baghlan province.  

The CASA-1000  project was delayed for more than two years but officials say the construction on the project has been expedited since the beginning of the last solar year.  

“This project is being carried out in Kunduz without any problems; we solved the social problems and other obstacles that were challenging the project,” said Abdul Satar Mirzkawal, Kunduz governor.   

The CASA -1000  is one of the biggest energy projects in the region and will transmit 1300 megawatts of Kyrgyzstan electricity to Afghanistan through Tajikistan.

CASA-1000 will span 1250 kilometers, and includes the construction of 560 power cable columns. 

In Afghanistan, cables will cross more than five provinces.

Officials at Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) said Afghanistan will gain $45 million annually from the power transmission across its land.  

“The detailed survey routes assessment and the construction of the foundations of the project have been completed 100%, but there are some exceptions in impassable and water-containing areas where the work has not been completed yet,” said Wahidullah Tawhidi, DABS spokesperson.   

The CASA -1000  project was expected to be completed last year, but fell short due to challenges. 

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