• publish: 18 August 2016
  • time: 4:22 pm
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Afghan presidential palace celebrates 97th anniversary of Independence Day without Chief Executive Abdullah

The 97th anniversary of Afghanistan’s Independence Day was celebrated at ARG (Afghan Presidential Palace); but, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah did not attend the ceremony.

However, the ceremony was attended by other high ranking officials including cabinet members and a number of MPs and political figures.

It was believed that Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah would attend the ceremony, after the two top leaders had their meeting last night at ARG to solve reported disputes.

Presidential palace in a statement said last night that the two top leaders had their meeting in a comfortable atmosphere.

Disputes between two leaders erupted after president Ghani appointed Ahmad Nader Naderi as the head of civil services and administrative reforms directorate. Chief Executive expressed sharp criticism over Ghani’s move and accused him of implementing monopolism in the country.

Two days later, President Ghani also responded that “those who eye their benefits in danger accuse me of implementing monopolism.”

However, these indirect talks and criticisms lasted less than a week when two leaders met with each other at ARG last night.

The statement from ARG said the atmosphere was good and the two leaders had their talks; however, it did not give details.

After the meeting, many believed Chief Executive would attend today’s ceremony which is considered important for many Afghans. However, it is suspected disputes are still ongoing.

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