• publish: 6 October 2021
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Afghan resistance considers Dushanbe suitable platform for dialogue with Taliban

“Tajikistan should take the lead and make important decisions as the closest neighbor,” leader of the National Congress Party Abdul Latif Pedram noted

The Afghan resistance forces are ready to hold talks with the Taliban (outlawed in Russia) and believe that Tajikistan would be a suitable platform for such a dialogue, leader of the National Congress Party Abdul Latif Pedram, who supports the Afghan resistance, told TASS on Wednesday.

“The resistance forces have never ruled out negotiations with the Taliban, and Tajikistan could be a good platform for this,” the political leader said.

Pedram also noted that the Afghan resistance expected political, humanitarian and spiritual support from Tajikistan. “Tajikistan is the focus of attention for Afghan people. It is no longer on the sidelines. Tajikistan should take the lead and make important decisions as the closest neighbor,” the politician stated. He pointed out that Dushanbe could play a crucial role in achieving peace and stability if it takes the initiative. “Tajikistan’s role in attaining peace and stability is possible. [The country] can go even further if it takes the initiative,” Pedram said.

The Afghan politician emphasized the need for contacts with the US, China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan in terms of possible assistance. According to Pedram, the resistance needs the global community’s support, however, “it does not intend to remain idle” in its absence. “We are doing our patriotic duty. Finally, it is the Afghan people who must make some kind of decision on how to deal with the Taliban,” the political leader mentioned.

On September 17, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon agreed with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to boost negotiations in Dushanbe between the Taliban and Afghan Tajiks. Following the talks, Rahmon stressed the need for ending the conflict and tension in the country’s province of Panjshir as soon as possible, declaring a ceasefire and opening roads for providing humanitarian aid to the region.

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