• publish: 10 January 2016
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Afghan Security forces recapture Darghad key district from Taliban

Afghan security forces, after days of fierce clashes with Taliban, retook the control of Darqad district bordering Tajikistan on Sunday morning, an official said.

“The joint Afghan security force took control of Darqad district center early on Sunday. The rule of law has been maintained and the government agency buildings have been cleared. The joint forces were working to find and defuse roadside bombs and landmines planted by enemies in the area,” Sanatullah Timor, provincial government spokesman said. Xinhua reported.

A total of 25 militants have been killed and 20 others wounded during the cleanup operation which kicked off Friday night, the source said, citing initial operational information by security forces.

The Taliban militant group captured the district, which is located some 60 km north of Taluqan, the city capital of northern Takhar province, in October 2015.

“Some 40 suspected Taliban have been captured. The cleanup raids will continue in the district until the area is cleared of the militants,” Timor added.

A Taliban local leader named Kamal Haidari was among the killed, he said.

Up to four security force members have been injured during the operation and no civilian casualties were reported throughout the clashes, according to Timor.

Takhar and the neighboring Kunduz province has been the scene of clashes between security forces and Taliban over the past couple of months.

The Taliban has yet to make comments.

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