• publish: 18 October 2015
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Afghan Upper House:

Afghan senators welcome US move but urge more action be taken

A number of senators on Sunday welcomed the decision made by US President Barack Obama to delay the drawdown of troops and maintain the current level up to the end of 2016; however, they urged the U.S for more pressure on Pakistan.  

“We welcome the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan but this presence will be effective when our troops are equipped and be better able to fight the enemy,” said Faisal Sami, a senator.

They also urged the United States to target terrorist safe havens in Pakistan.

The senators believe that the Taliban’s extended activities in parts of the country have resulted in Obama’s decision to maintain the present troop level, but that this time their aim should be to eliminate the Taliban.

“The US, besides extending its military presence in Afghanistan, should take a clear stance towards Pakistan and stop Pakistan’s interference in Afghanistan,” said Sher Mohammad Akhundzada, another senator.

Other senators meanwhile believe that the extension of US military presence in Afghanistan should deliver on strengthening of Afghan security forces and eliminate terrorist safe havens outside Afghanistan’s borders.

“I believe that Kunduz would not have fallen to the Taliban if we had had an air force with more facilities and abilities.” said Gul Ahmad Azami, a senator.

“The US troops should target terrorist safe havens and they should increase political and economic pressure on Pakistan to stop supporting insurgents – instead of extending their presence in Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, another senator.

According to the recent decision made by Obama, at least 5,500 American troops will remain in Afghanistan after 2016.

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