• publish: 1 November 2017
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Afghan special forces to receive Updated Bazooka systems

The Afghan Special Operations Forces will likely receive the upgraded version of the MSE1 Bazook system, lightweight shoulder-fired Multi-Role Anti-Armor, Anti-Personnel Weapons System (MAAWS).

The Army is fast-tracking acquisition of more than 1,000 upgraded, lightweight shoulder-fired weapons able to destroy enemy targets hidden behind rocks, trees and buildings, according to National Interest magazine.

According to the magazine, latest version, or M3E1, is not only lighter, but shorter than the existing M3 but also ergonomically designed with a longer handle and better grips. These features, as well as its ability to use multiple types of rounds for firing, has led the Army to approve a requirement for 1,111 M3E1 unit.

The Ministry of Defense deputy spokesman Mohammad Radmanish confirmed that the Afghan commando forces are expected to receive the light weaponry in the near future, Khaama press writes.

He said the weapon will help the Afghan security forces to target the enemies of the country from different angles and hit their positions, including the armored personnel carriers.

This comes as the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission said earlier this month that the Afghan National Army and Special Forces will receive new weapons and ammunition from their international partners amid ongoing efforts to further boost the capabilities of the national defense and security forces.

“The Afghan National Army and Afghan Commandos gain firepower! The Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan’s Security Assistance Office conducted a night mission to receive various weapons and ammunition in Kabul,” NATO-led Resolute Support mission said in short statement posted online.

NATO says providing weapons and ammo increases the Afghan Army’s fighting capability.

The Afghan government in cooperation from its international allies has stepped up efforts to increase the capabilities of the security forces to defend the country against the menace of terrorism.

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