• publish: 27 July 2019
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Afghan Taliban’s deputy heads to Indonesia for talks

A Taliban delegation led by their co-founder and deputy head Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar left Qatar for a trip to Indonesia, the group announced on Friday.

As the Indonesian government and Islamic scholars from this Southeast Asian nation continue to offer support for the Afghan peace process, the Taliban spokesman Zabihulllah Mujahed said on social media that Baradar led an eight-member delegation for the trip on Friday.

“During this trip talks will be held on good political ties between the two countries, peace and importance of future cooperation with Afghanistan”, he said.

Jakarta is set to host an Ulema conference of Muslim scholars from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia later this month.

Desra Percaya, director general for Asia, Pacific, and Africa at the Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, visited Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, earlier this month in connection with this conference.

According to Afghanistan’s National Security Council, Percaya discussed Indonesia’s partnership in the peace process, the Ulema conference and women’s dialogue in Jakarta during his trip to Kabul.

In May, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Retno Lestari met Baradar in Doha, Qatar’s capital.

Amid efforts to expedite the nascent peace process, the raging war continues to claim more lives in the war-ravaged country with the warring sides apparently pushing for upper hand.

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