• publish: 22 September 2019
  • time: 4:18 pm
  • category: Excerpted
  • No: 10495

Presidential runner Abdullah Abdullah blamed his election rival for faking a New York Times story about him, claiming that his rival committed the ridiculous act in panic.

Abdullah said in an online statement that the formation of a major coalition in support of Stability and Partnership electoral team left his rival panicked, forcing him to once again commit a ridiculous fraud. 

The statement further added that the rival of Stability and Partnership faked the New York Times story, one of the most credible international media outlets, in a bid to confuse and divert the public opinion, alleging that Abdullah has received funds from Pakistan.

Furthermore, the statement said the Kabul Bureau of New York Ties has rejected the report and has assured to formally follow the issue.

Abdullah also called on his rivals to refrain from committing fraud and adopt proper methods in electoral campaigns in a bid to play a positive role in strengthening democracy in the country.

However, he did not disclose further information regarding his rival who has committed the forgery.

The fake story aired late on Saturday evening claimed that Abdullah has received $39 million funds from Pakistan for the upcoming presidential elections.

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