• publish: 20 August 2015
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US National Security Advisor:

Afghanistan and Pakistan must be united in fight against terrorism   

Following unprecedented insecurities in Afghanistan and the recent deadly attacks in Kabul, the Former national security advisor to the White House, Stephen Hadley said that Afghanistan and Pakistan should maintain the dignity of each other.

Stephen Hadley noted that both countries must jointly fight against their enemy Taliban and other terrorist groups.

These statements come as Pakistan is accused of fostering the recent spike in deadly insurgent attacks in Afghanistan.

During televised remarks, Ghani alleged that Pakistan remains a “venue and ground” from which “messages of war” are being sent to Afghanistan.

President Ghani claimed recent incidents show “the suicide training camps and the bomb-making facilities used to target and murder our innocent people still operate in Pakistan.”

But US authorities still emphasize on joint combat against terrorism; calling on both countries to maintain their dignities.

“None of the two countries must support groups that are threat to the other country, they should have a joint fight against terrorists,” Former national security advisor to the White House, Stephen Hadley said.

Hadley once again declared US support from Afghan-Taliban Peace talks.

Pakistan hosted the first officially acknowledged peace talks between the Afghan Taliban and the government in a step towards ending more than 13 years of war in Afghanistan

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