• publish: 3 January 2022
  • time: 2:31 pm
  • category: Economy
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Afghanistan export through the western zone on the rise

As Herat officials said export via land ports in western zones has increased by 40 percent in recent weeks.

The head of Herat’s customs office said up to 50 goods trucks are process through Islam Qala port, to Iran, every day.

“On some days we have up to 50 vehicles [carrying goods] via Islam Qala port. We also export through Turghundi port,” said Mahajar Farahi, the head of Herat’s customs office.

“Expensive goods that we export from Herat are pistachio nuts, watermelon seed, and sesame seeds…” said Muhammad Usman Ansari, head of exporters union in the western zone.

Traders in Herat have however called for more support from the authorities in order to increase their export volume.

“If there is the opportunity for export even for less money, we can start exporting slowly,” said Farid Ahmad Sabor, an exporter of Afghan carpets.

Abdul Salam Amini, the head of the herbalists` union also said that herbal medicines were being exported.

According to traders, products being exported are going to foreign markets but are not yet reaching Europe or the US.

“We try to provide air corridors and solve Afghan exporters’ problems. Export volumes have increased compared to the past year,” said Mohammad Zabiar Dinparwar, head of Herat commerce and industrial department.

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