• publish: 2 August 2015
  • time: 11:06 pm
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Afghanistan government change stance toward Taliban, monitoring them carefully

The Afghan government is carefully monitoring recent developments and events surrounding the leadership of the Taliban group and Haqqani network, the Presidential Palace said tonight.

A statement by ARG Palace said the monitoring by the Afghan government includes supervision of the two group’s recent meetings.

The statement further added that the recent developments and events have raised numerous questions at all levels among the Afghan people and the international community.

“The groups engaged in war against their people and country must understand that they have been deceived by the conspiracies of the enemies of Afghanistan, and continuing to this path which is only against the Afghan people and interests of Afghanistan will only lead to further crimes,” the statement said.

The Afghan government also announced to stand against the parallel movements which are against the political systems of the country.

Calling the Taliban and other similar groups as ‘anti-government’ armed groups, the statement added that the Afghan government will also keep the doors open for negotiations.

The Afghan government also called for sincere cooperation of all parties in a bid to prevent further bloodshed, devastation and conspiracies to sabotage the peace process while insisting on a dignified, justly and endurable peace.

The statement also added that the government of Afghanistan praises the Afghan security forces for their sacrifices and services and reiterated that the government is prepared to tackle all threats against the security and stability of the country.

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