• publish: 5 July 2020
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This week

Afghanistan hosts 3 important meetings on Intra-Afghan talks

Foreign Ministry has announced that Afghanistan is scheduled to hold three important meetings on Inter-Afghan talks.

The meetings will be attended by regional countries.

The Foreign Ministry has announced that Afghanistan is scheduled to host three important regional,trans-regional and tripartite meetings on the peace and Inter-Afghani talks.

Gran Hewad, the spokesman for Foreign Ministry, said today that the first meeting is going to be held on next Monday via video conference between regional countries and strategic partners of Afghanistan.

He added that Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarit will be attending the meeting as well.

According to the Ministry, the tripartite meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China will also be held with the main focus being on strengthening regional and trans-regional consensus on Afghanistan peace and Inter-Afghan talks.

It is worth mentioning that during a two-day visit by the Afghan Foreign Minister to Iran on July 2, the Iranian and Afghan sides agreed to prepare a comprehensive document on Iran and Afghanistan cooperation within three next months, and also Iran has announced that it is ready to host Inter-Afghan talk.

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