• publish: 9 July 2015
  • time: 11:45 pm
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Afghanistan rise seventeen places in latest FIFA world rankings

Scoring 212, Afghanistan have moved up 17 places in the latest FIFA world rankings, while Argentine return to top the charts after seven years.

Afghanistan earned the place after their appearance with Cambodia in World Cup preparation games.

Afghanistan remain the 20th in Asia, the third in the central Asian nation, and the first highest ranked nation in southern Asia.

In World Cup preparation games, Afghanistan stay in category of “E”, playing with Cambodia, Japan, Singapore and Syria.

In their two first games, Afghanistan hit Cambodia one to zero, but was defeated to Syria.

Next plays Afghanistan have ahead in World Cup preparation games:


Afghanistan / Japan

September of 8, 2015

17:00              Local time



Singapore / Afghanistan

October of 5, 2015

17:00              Local time



Syria / Afghanistan

October of 13, 2015

17:00              Local time



Cambodia / Afghanistan

November of 12, 2015

17:00              Local time



Japan / Afghanistan

March of 24, 2016

17:00              Local time



Afghanistan / Singapore

March of 9, 2016

17:00              Local time

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