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Afghanistan to hold Islamic countries conference in near future

It is determined that a big conference of ulema of Islamic world on Afghanistan will be held in one of Islamic countries in near future.

Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) says participation of those Pakistan ulema who are considering Muslim-killing in Afghanistan as jihad is very important. HPC added that discussion related to holding a big ulama conference on Afghanistan is underway. Kabul Times reported.

“Unfortunately a number of Pakistan ulema are considering current war and killing of Muslims in Afghanistan as lawful and jihad. They should sit and discuss with ulema of the Islamic world in particular Afghanistan ulema so they know that the holy religion of Islam is the religion of peace and reconciliation rather than killing Muslims,” said Sayed Ihsan Tahiri, a spokesperson to HPC.

It is said that preparations have been taken for the conference that will be held in one of the Islamic countries in near future.

The agenda of the conference has been shared with Organization of Islamic Council (OIC), a number of ulema of the world such as India, Indonesia and Qatar. In the conference, war in Afghanistan from Islamic point of view will be discussed by ulema of the Islamic world.

Tahiri hoped that the conference would be soon held.

Previously, it was determined that Indonesia, Pakistan and Afghanistan Ulema Conference on Afghanistan would be held in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia last month, but has not been held so far due to not participation of Pakistani ulema in the conference and now it is hoped that Pakistani ulema will soon get ready and the conference will be held then.

After declaration of peace offer for talks with the Taliban group, Afghanistan government has started effort to make use of all means to convince the group so that they get ready for peace talks.

Meanwhile, an Afghan political expert Farooq Azam, says the Islamic World Conference should decide on ending the war in Afghanistan.

“I say that the ulema meeting should discuss war in Afghanistan and decide how to end the war in the country,” Farooq Azam added.

It is determined that ulema in the respective conference will issue fetwa in connection with unlawfulness of war in Afghanistan. If ulema of the Islamic world find a way for solution of ongoing war in Afghanistan and call war as illegal and unlawful, Taliban will have no other way except talks with the government.

Peace and war in Afghanistan do not depend on decision of one person or one organization. War and peace are even out of determination and authorization of the government and people of Afghanistan as well as leaders and supporters of armed opponent groups.


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