• publish: 7 October 2021
  • time: 12:50 pm
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Afghans complain of inability to withdraw salaries from banks

On Wednesday, dozens of government employees who have been queuing in front of the capital’s banks to withdraw salaries complained of difficulty withdrawing funds.

Many government employees who have traveled from the provinces said they could not withdraw their salaries, despite spending days in the capital.

Mohammad Arman, an employee at a ministry, said he has not received his wages for the past three months and he has been waiting for a week to withdraw his salary. 

“We are facing economic problems. It is a week now that I have been coming to withdraw my salary and I failed to receive it. No one is hearing our voices,” said Mohammad Arman. 

According to employees, people across the country swarmed Kabul after provincial banks remained closed. 

Sakina from Bamyan province said “banks are not open in the provinces and this has created problems for the people, especially for those who are receiving salaries from banks.” 

Abdul Karim Eftikhari came from Ghazni province and said: “Besides poverty and hunger, this is another problem. We are spending our salary by staying in hotels.”  

The employees have asked bank officials to seek an efficient strategy to remove obstacles.

At the same time, people urged the caretaker government to address the current problems in the country. 

Officials at Afghanistan’s central bank declined to comment to TOLOnews. 

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