• publish: 20 December 2021
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Afghans reactions to Khan’s comments; Women would teach and study at universities before establishment of Pakistan

Common Afghans, former politicians, Taliban activists, and social media activists took to social media and condemned Pakistan’s Imran Khan’s recent comments over the culture of Afghans.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday at the OIC’s session in Islamabad said that not allowing women to get an education has been part of the culture of the Afghan people and the world should respect that.

Former President Hamid Karzai said that the statements of Imran Khan are inflammatory and disrespectful and asked Khan to stop interfering in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

Afghanistan’s former ambassadress to Norway Shukria Barakzai also said that the comments show his lack of knowledge of Afghanistan’s history.

Leader of Pashtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) Manzoor Pashteen in a Twitter post also condemned and said that Imran Khan’s comments are false and negative.

Pashteen said that Pashoons never denied education to girls nor denied their rights.

“Stop this colonialism.” He wrote.

In the meantime, a large number of social media activists posted photos and video clips of ancient Afghanistan where women would go to universities and schools and they were part of the cabinets in different governments.

Some said that Kabul University has been founded in 1932 while Pakistan emerged in 1947.

Furthermore, Taliban activists on social media also reacted to Imran Khan’s statements and added that his comments are humiliation to the Afghan people and the Islamic system.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is yet to comment on the remarks of Imran Khan.

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