• publish: 11 June 2019
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Taliban-Daesh clashes displace over 13,000 families in Nangarhar

Up to 13,300 families have been displaced due to heavy clashes between the Taliban and Daesh militants in two main districts of Nangarhar over the past 45 days, provincial officials confirmed on Tuesday.

The clashes have occurred in Khogyani and Shinwari districts in Nangarhar, local officials said. 

The displaced families are living in Shaikh Mesri township in Sorkhrod district in the province. 

“At least 13,00 families have been displaced due to clashes in Shirzad and Khogyani districts in the past one and a half months and have been settled on the outskirts of Jalalabad city,” said Najibullah Qayumi, head of the provincial Directorate of Refugees and Repatriation. 

Members of a number of displaced families said they are living in a bad condition.  

Etabar Khan, member of a displaced family, said they left their home a month ago after clashes erupted between Taliban and Daesh militants. 

“We left everything there (in Khogyani district) and we are in a bad situation right now,” said Khan. 

The displaced families called on relevant organizations to provide them assistance. 

“We left our home due to clashes and now three families are living in one room,” said Mazhar, a resident of Khogyani who has been displaced.  

“Daesh said they will kill us if we don’t leave our houses. Most of the Daesh fighters were from Pakistan and Waziristan and from Kandahar,” said Nasib, a Nangarhar resident.  

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