• publish: 5 October 2019
  • time: 9:12 am
  • category: Politics
  • No: 10706

All electoral materials to be Transferred to Kabul today

Although one week has passed from the Election Day, sensitive electoral materials including biometric devices and ballot papers from many provinces have not arrived to Kabul.

Officials at Independent Election Commission (IEC) say that the process of transferring these materials to Kabul will be completed by today, October 5th.

The delay in transferring electoral materials has sparked fears of voter impersonations and abuse of bio-metric devices, but IEC rejects the possibility of fraud.

IEC commissioner Mawlana Abdullah said,” if fraudulent ballot stuffing or voter impersonation happen in any province, such votes would be filtered from clear biometric votes in the central office.”

Moreover, Habib Rahman Nang, secretariat head of Independent Election Commission said that at least 20,000 result sheets have been registered in to the IEC database in the national tally center and they are trying to accelerate the process.

Mohammad Hassan Rasouli, an election observer said, “ the process at the national tally center is transparent and we can zoom in and watch any data center we wish through CCTVs.”

However, journalist are not allowed to the cover the data entry process at the national tally center and some observing institutions say that they are not informed of the process.

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