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All regional countries realize that stable and peaceful Afghanistan can benefit all

Afghan President who was speaking Tuesday night at the Presidential palace to the students of security institutions said, a number of circles try to repeat the dark days of Afghanistan.

“In the region, all countries except of Pakistan which is in an undeclared war with Afghanistan agree that a stabilized Afghanistan is in their benefit. The base of our relations with Pakistan will be based on their struggles for peace and fighting against terrorism,” Ghani said.

Ghani again welcomed the US president decision to keep more than 5,000 troops in three strategic bases in Afghanistan beyond 2016 and emphasized that a peaceful Afghanistan helps the world to be safer.

At the same time, he asked all Afghans to support their national security forces in the fight against the Taliban and Daesh insurgent groups and urged Afghan Taliban to put down their arms and join the government of Afghanistan.

“This war has been imposed on us and we will not give up. Intra-Afghan dialogue will give a result soon and requires resuming negotiations,” Afghan President said.

He also believes that a lot of hands are working to destabilize Afghanistan, but Afghans will eliminate all of them.

Ghani promised to provide the opportunity for all people who have displaced from the province due to the war to return back to their houses.

According to the reports about 20,000 families were displaced from northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan after Taliban insurgents overrun the city about three weeks ago.