• publish: 7 August 2019
  • time: 10:06 am
  • category: Politics
  • No: 9643

almai Rassoul withdraws his candidacy from presidential election

President Runner Zalmai Rassoul has withdrawn his candidacy from the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for September.

According to reports, Mr. Rassoul has withdrawn from the presidential race and will support Ashraf Ghani during the September elections.

Rassoul had nominated for the presidential elections with Abdul Jabar Taqwa and Ghulam Wahdat being his running mates.

Abdul Ghafoor Jawid, a spokesman for Ashraf Ghani’s electoral said the President’s electoral team welcomes Mr. Zalmai Rassould’s step and welcomes him to the team.

Rassoul had also nominated for the 2014 presidential elections and was among the top three candidates who had secured the most votes.

Meanwhile, peace negotiations are underway parallel to the election campaigns with reports indicating the elections could be suspended if a peace deal is signed with Taliban.

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