• publish: 23 June 2019
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America withdraws some troops from Afghanistan

According to the recent, US President Donald Trump announcement US would decrease the number of forces in Afghanistan.

In an interview with ‘Time Magazine’, US President said that everything was going well in Afghanistan and good things are about to happen.
He added Daesh is being suppressed in Afghanistan. 
According to him, the number of US forces have been dropped from 16000 to 9000, and it should reach to 8000. 
This comes as new round of peace talks between the US special envoy and Taliban is going to be taken place in Doha in near future. 
However, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) could play role in most of the operations, but the foreign forces are currently cooperating with them in battles besides training section. 
A number of military and political experts called the US forces role effective in advising and professional training sections of ANDSF. 
A political expert Akbar Asas believes that US Trump’s decision on reducing the number of US forces would not create any visible changes in the country’s security situation, because now, ANDSF have the most responsibility on the battlefields. 
“To cut or increase the size of troops wouldn’t be effective against insurgents, but it is a clear fact that foreign forces can play key role in advising section of ANDSF,” a General Atiqullah Amarkhil said. 
He added if the international community wants to help the ANDSF to stand on their own feet should continue supporting them and it should seriously pay heed in their training section, besides, 
Furthermore, presence of foreign forces can help prevent civilian casualties during military operations and they can play effective role in advising and training of ANDSF so they can act better on battlegrounds, he went on to say. 
This is while the security entities say that everyone knows that war in Afghanistan is war on terror which has been imposed on Afghans, thus, US and NATO member countries should continue cooperation with Afghanistan to end it.
They believe that ANDSF are getting improved by each passing day, but they need to be further equipped and supported so to be able to defend the country independently. 
ANDSF could recently shine better and have successfully defended their countrymen and homeland so far. 

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