• publish: 20 December 2016
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American-Canadian family in Taliban’s captivity appeared on a new video

Senior Taliban figures confirmed on Tuesday they had released a new video appearing to show a kidnapped American-Canadian family, including two young boys born in captivity, as they plead for their release from the feared Haqqani network linked to the Taliban.

The footage filmed in an unknown location on December 03, this year shows U.S. citizen Caitlin Coleman and her husband Joshua Boyle who is a citizen of Canada with two of their children. Coleman, 31, was pregnant when she was abducted in 2012 in Afghanistan along with her husband.

On the video Coleman appears begging for an end to their 5-year captivity under the Taliban and calls it “Kafkaesque nightmare”

“We understand both sides hate us, and are content to leave us and our two surviving children in these problems,” she said,” But we can only ask and pray that somebody will recognise the atrocities these men carry out against us, as so-called ‘retaliation’ in their ingratitude and hypocrisy.”

She urges the governments of America and Canada to reach some agreement and give the captors money, power, friends to ensure their freedom.

Coleman continues,” We are told there are Afghans who are prisoners in Kabul that these men care about and they do not want to be punished”.

Boyle also pleas for the sake of their children to make a deal with the notorious network to ensure their release.

According to the Reuters, the Haqqani network is demanding the release of its three senior members – including the brother and maternal uncle of Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is deputy leader of the Afghan Taliban.

U.S. officials have declined to comment on the new video so far but a Canadian spokesman said the government was reviewing the video.

The video closes with a message written on the screen that states: “This is a clear message!!! The release of the couple and their children will not come into realization until all our demands are met!”

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