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Andarabi: Spreading chaos with IEDs, the Taliban`s new tactic

Security agencies said that the insurgents are using metals, particularly nails, nuts and bolts, to make the IEDs more deadly.

Acting Minister of Interior Massoud Andarabi said on Tuesday that the use of IEDs is among the new tactics used by insurgent groups, particularly the Taliban. Andarabi’s comments came hours after a magnetic IED blast targeted a police vehicle in Bagh-e-Bala in PD4 of the Afghan capital in Kabul, causing no human injuries.

The acting minister said that the IED mines are being made in Kabul, Logar and Maidan Wardak provinces.

Meanwhile, the Afghan security experts have criticized the government’s security policy, saying the government and the security agencies have failed to identify the perpetrators behind the attacks. 

Assessments conducted by the Afghan security and intelligence agencies reveal that high levels of dangerous materials such as white phosphorous, ammonium nitrate, and gunpowder are being used in the IEDs.

“This is a new tactic which the enemy is using to spread chaos among the people. In many cases, the Taliban has been behind this. We have undertaken joint operations with the National Directorate of Security and have made many arrests over the past month and a half. Up to 20 to 30 people were arrested,” said Andarabi.

Security agencies said that the insurgents are using metals, particularly nails, nuts and bolts, to make the IEDs more deadly.

“Currently, the armed opponents of the Afghan government use those tactics that harm the opposite side but keep themselves safe. The IED is one of those tactics,” said military expert Atiqullah Amerkhel.

“As I hear, these IEDs are being kept and made in Kabul, but the Afghan intelligence and reconnaissance organs are very weak, many attacks were carried out and many casualties occurred, but they could not find the main plotters,” added Amarkhel.

Mohammad Nasim Ahmadi, an explosives expert, said that all the IEDs used by the insurgents are being made inside the country.

“If the target is big, they use more explosives, but for small targets they use less explosives,” said Mohammad Nasim Ahmadi.

Andarabi said that the IEDs are being made in Kabul, Maidan Wardak and Logar provinces.

Residents in Kabul meanwhile blamed the enemies of Afghanistan for being involved in the IED attacks.

“Of course, it is a matter of concern for all the people. The enemies of Afghanistan, whether they are domestic or foreign, are trying to disrupt the peaceful life of the people of this country,” said Baryalai, a Kabul resident.

“There is the hand of the enemy behind this. Regional and neighboring countries are also involved in this, they want to eliminate those Afghans who are trying to build the country,” said Abdul Shokor, a Kabul resident.

In the latest incident, an IED blast targeted a police vehicle in the Bagh-e-Bala area of PD4 in Kabul on Monday evening, however, the blast did not cause any casualties.

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