• publish: 5 March 2022
  • time: 2:46 pm
  • category: Security&Crime
  • No: 20805

Anti-Taliban university lecturer, Seyyed Bagher Mohseni, has disappeared

According to reports, Seyyed Bagher Mohseni, the Kabul university lecture and a political expert who has recently criticized Taliban performances, has disappeared.

Sources close to Bagher Mohseni said two of his companions and he has been disappeared since yesterday(Friday).

Mr. Mohseni has recently severely criticized Taliban using some media and social media platforms.

He is said to be arrested by Taliban.

Taliban yet to comment on the issue, but some other anti-Taliban critics had been arrested before Mr. Mohseni`s disappearance.

Earlier, Feiz ul Lah Jalal, the Kabul university lecturer, was arrested by IE intelligence forces after he had criticized Taliban.

Although Mr. Jalal described his being in Taliban`s arrest as well-treated, he quit his anti-Taliban critics.       


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