• publish: 12 February 2018
  • time: 8:46 pm
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Army advancing their military against Taliban operatives in Logar

According to Afghan National Army (ANA) troops are advancing their military campaign against Taliban operatives in the volatile region of Logar province in a move to eliminate insurgent strongholds.

They also added army forces have dealt major blows to the Taliban in some key areas of Mohammad Agha district in the province, which resulted in the elimination of dozens of Taliban fighters including the group’s local commander, Jamaluddin.

Officials further added that the operations will continue until all areas in the insecure regions are cleared of Taliban

“We have launched operations in Mohammad Agha district, we have completed our search and clearance operation in Mohammad Agha and a key Taliban commander Mullah Jamaluddin was eliminated there.

Esmatullah Alizai, Logar police chief claimed that a cache of weapons, explosives and binoculars and documents were recovered.

“We have seized thousands of kilograms of explosives as a result of the joint coordination between the army, police and personnel of the National Directorate of Security.

In addition to this, local residents in the area have hailed the security forces for safeguarding the lives of civilians during the battles.

“First I want to recommend that where ever government carries out an operation, they must be careful, because every operation needs a major investment, check posts need to be established in areas where the operations are being carried out, government must establish check posts to ensure security of the site which is cleared of the militants.

But residents have said that security forces must ensure that the Taliban are not able to return to areas that have been cleared during such operations.

Logar which is close to the outskirts of Kabul city has recently experienced fierce fighting between security forces and the Taliban – which is believed to have planned some of its deadliest attacks on Kabul in the province.


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