• publish: 30 September 2021
  • time: 4:53 pm
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As situation deteriorates, World urged to support Afghan women

Veteran women’s rights activist Mehbouba Siraj has urged the international community to fully support Afghan women as they face an unfriendly situation in Afghanistan.

Addressing the 48th Session of the UN Human Rights Council held in Geneva, Siraj directed her speech towards the international community and expressed her concerns over the future of women in Afghanistan.

Her speech highlighted the abolition of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the complete absence of women from the newly formed cabinet.

With growing instances of atrocities against women in Afghanistan, the narrative of ‘changed Taliban’ seems to have lost steam already, she remarked.

Requesting support from the international community, she lamented that “there is nothing we can tell you for you to do that you don’t really know already. So whatever you are going to do, go ahead and do it because whatever happens to the women of Afghanistan, is really on you, the international community. So I am leaving everything in your hands.”

Several countries have already opened their doors for the Afghan refugees. However, most of these countries have put a quota on maximum permissible limits for refugees who are allowed to enter these countries.

Given the current situation in Afghanistan, one can expect an increase in the number of Afghans applying for asylum.

Her speech comes at a time when Afghans are increasingly opting for evacuation, particularly working women and former government employees who collectively constitute the most vulnerable group.

Despite the anguish at the sudden abandonment of Afghanistan, she expressed hopes that the international community ought to look into the plight of Afghans, particularly the women.

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