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Ata Mohammad Noor: If things get worse, we will resist

Ata Mohammad Noor, the chief executive of Jamiat-e Islami party, during his visit from India discussed the future of Afghanistan, peace talks, and the achievements of the past 19-year with the Indian officials.

In an interview with India Today and WION, he said that if the situation gets bad, there will be a second resistance.
Mr Noor said that the security situation in Afghanistan is not good and fighting is ongoing in parts of the country.
“We are losing a lot of our young people men and women and children,” he said, adding that the US-Taliban peace deal has not decreased violence in Afghanistan.

According to him, the 21-member of the negotiating team is busy in Qatar at the moment to finalise the agenda and rules and regulation. but they have not come to an agreement yet. He hoped that with the intermediation of the countries, the talks will reach some good results.

India’s role
Speaking about Afghanistan-India relations, he said that the two nations stay on the same page, he hoped that India will have an active diplomacy in the peace talks and to see them as facilitator and active member of the region to have consensus.
“I asked India to have to have pro-active diplomacy and be amongst the countries that facilitates the peace talks. As a strong and powerful country, I appreciate India’s role in the regional consensus,”
He underlined that India should stand by the Afghan government as it has initiated the peace talks.
“Afghanistan should not be used against any other country. We hope to achieve positive results from the talks. …. If the results were the other way wrong, we expect India to stand by its traditional friend, in addition to, its pro-active diplomacy. We do not want India to send troops to Afghanistan. It is not a good option and provokes things in the region. We do not want to drag the feet of India to our prolong war,” he emphasised.

Pakistan’s role
Referring to Pakistan’s past approach to Afghanistan, Ata Mohammad Noor said that Pakistan could play two types of role in Afghanistan.
“Yes, Pakistan could play two roles. Pakistan can play an important role in the peace talks, they can play a positive and a negative role. I do not want to hide that they created the Taliban, sponsored and trained them. Pakistan created the Taliban and that is the negative part, but the positive role is that they can bring an end to the fighting and promotion of prosperity. We expect Pakistan to do it. It only happens if they forget their yesterday policy and bring an end to the fighting,”

On US presence in Afghanistan, Mr said that “the US presence in Afghanistan is vital until we have the full control of the situation.
“I wish Afghanistan stands on its own feet. Our security forces are very strong and they should be kept. By no means our security forces should be abandoned,” he stressed.

The chief executive of Jamiat-e Islami party underlined that the Taliban are living in illusion, believing that they have defeated NATO and the United States.
“If the Taliban’s minds have changed, this will change the scenario. We have fought in the past with the Taliban, but today the Taliban have to show they have changed to restore trust. It will depend on Pakistan’s attitude and realising that the war in Afghanistan was a mistake,” he added.

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