• publish: 26 July 2020
  • time: 10:22 am
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Atmar: Afghan government will not release remaining Taliban prisoners

Acting Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar says the Afghan government would not release the remaining Taliban prisoners.

He added that the prisoners were involved in “unjustifiable war crimes, and smuggling.

In an interview with an Indian network, Atmar said that the obstacles to the start of talks between Afghans are the lack of reduction of violence by the Taliban and the release of prisoners of this group.

Although he considers the release of the remaining Taliban prisoners to be impossible due to insignificant crimes and opposition from a number of countries, he calls on the Taliban to find a new list for the release of other prisoners in the group.

In order to resolve the issue, Atmar stated that the government told the Taliban to submit another list of prisoners so that the government could decide on their release.

However, sources close to the Taliban say the Taliban’s position is based on a peace agreement with the United States and that it is unchangeable.

On the other hand, Atmar called peace with the Taliban and cutting the group’s ties with other terrorist groups in the region very important in order to bring security to the because he believes that without the Taliban, no agreement is acceptable with other terrorist groups.

In this conversation, the Afghan official called on India to play an active role in encouraging countries in the region and the world to start a dialogue between Afghans.

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