• publish: 3 October 2020
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Atmar: Despite prisoners release, Taliban have not done their commitment

Acting Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar says that the Taliban had agreed, but failed to adhere to their commitment, “to reduce violence following the completion of prisoners’ release.”

In a statement released on Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Atmar on Thursday met the Ambassadors of Turkmenistan, China, and Iran, Deputy Ambassador of the Russian Federation, and the Charge d’Affaires of the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

Minister Atmar briefed the SCO Ambassadors on the positive developments related to the peace process, including the start of direct negotiations, a national consensus on reconciliation, and international support to the Afghan peace Process evident at the statements of representatives of various countries at the opening ceremony of Afghanistan Peace Negotiations in Doha.

Atmar has also highlighted current challenges and hurdles to peace talks’ progress, including the rising level of violence and delays on moving to the main agenda of peace negotiations, the statement noted.

Reflecting on the high level of violence, Atmar called for the formation of a “Deconflicting Mechanism” aimed to reduce and monitor violence. 

According to the statement, he noted that such a mechanism had been agreed upon by the two parties.

Minister Atmar also talked about the Government’s initiative to seek the crucial engagement of the Organization of Islamic Conference in Afghan peace talks, especially in providing expert Islamic advice to the negotiating parties.

The Acting Foreign Minister emphasized that “regional and international cooperation was vital to achieving an acceptable end-state that ensures the protection of our shared security interests.”

The Ambassadors and Diplomatic Representatives of SCO declared their countries full support for the peace talks between the Government and the Taliban, the statement underscored. 

“They also praised the achievements of the Afghan people and Government over the past 19 years and reaffirmed their commitment to preserving them,” the statement concluded.

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