• publish: 28 August 2020
  • time: 3:36 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 15084

Atmar visits Uzbekistan

Atmar is scheduled to head a high-level government delegation for a two-day visit to Tashkent Friday.

Atmar in this trip will sign a 10-year contract on imported power from Uzbekistan to the country, MoFA said in a statement.

Atmar visit is due upon a formal invitation by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan Omarakov Sardar Oktomovich.

During his visit, both parties will discuss a wide-range of topics concerning bilateral cooperation, including transportation, transit and investment, the statement read.

Mohammad Shakir Kargar, Chief of Staff to President Ashraf Ghani; Mohammad Yamma Shams, Acting Minister of Transport; Abdul Karim Malikyar, Acting Deputy Minister for Industry and Commerce; Ahmad Dawood Noorzai, Chief Executive of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat; and Abdul Bari Sediqi, head of the Afghanistan Railway Authority will also be on the trip.

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