• publish: 26 October 2015
  • time: 7:28 pm
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Angel Merkel:

Berlin starts talks with Kabul on how to repatriate Afghan refugees

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that she has started talks with the Afghan government on the repatriation of Afghan refugees from Germany.

Media reports have stated in the past few days that Germany will expel refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Merkel who is a defenders of refugees’ rights says all refugees including Afghans – with the exception of Syrian refugees – will be expelled from Germany.

“We have talked with Turkey to take primary steps as it is the main route for refugees to reach Europe. We have also started serious talks with Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan on how to repatriate their refugees from Germany,” Merkel said.

Following a weekend meeting, European Union leaders reached an agreement to assess the refugee crisis.

“We will increase refugee centers to take 100,000. Refugees will be kept temporarily in these centers,” said Jean Claude Juncker head of the European Commission.

Turkey, which has been the main route for refugees to reach Europe, has seen an unprecedented flow of refugees through the country en-route to Europe.

Figures show that over 50,000 Afghan refugees have entered Germany since the beginning of the year.

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