• publish: 13 October 2021
  • time: 5:37 pm
  • category: Social
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Black labels removed from cars by Taliban in Badakhshan

Taliban in capital of Badakhshan province has established check points to remove black labels from glass of cars.

 “The reason behind stablishing check points are to improve security of citizens.” Mahbub U-llah Ansar, the intelligence in charge of Badakhshan security commandment told Raha News Agency

He added the law is implemented upon all equally and drivers have to remove black labels from windows of their cars.

“It will improve security and decrease crime levels in the province.” Muezuddin Ahmadi, the provincial head of culture and information office said

He added if the drivers ignore the law, they can be forced to obey

“People will support this action of Taliban because justice will bring security.” Abdul Basir Haqju, head of journalists ‘council said  

He emphasized there can be problems with those cars with black labels and removing black labels can improve security.

It is to say military vehicles are exceptional to the law.  

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