• publish: 19 September 2015
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Bloody violence erupted among the Afghan and Syrian refugees in Croatia

Several people were injured following a bloody violence among the Afghan and Syrian refugees who are struggling to reach western Europe.

The incident reportedly took place on Friday in in Beli Manastir in Croatia in a bid to reach the country’s capital city.

The migrants were looking to board trains when the bloody violence broke out with the individuals using rocks, smashed glass bottles and sticks to hit each other.

They were waiting for the trains when tensions boiled over where some 3,000 migrants waited for buses and trains in the heat, women and children searching for shade under sparse trees.

The violence started at the ticket office and the police officers used batons as they tried to break up the fight, which started at the ticket office.

The chaotic scenes unfolded as Hungary continued to build a giant fence along the Croatian border – just days after sealing off access from Serbia with a 100 mile razor-wire barrier, according to MailOnline.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban said a ‘fast-solution’ fence will be finished on a 26 mile stretch of the border – where the two countries are not divided by a river – by the end of today.

Hundreds of Hungarian troops are being called in to help build the barrier just days after the country erected a huge fence along its border with Serbia.

According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) around 4,000 migrants and refugees pour into Greece each day and head north as “the crisis is growing and being pushed from one country to another”

The UNHCR estimates shows more than 442,440 people have crossed the Mediterranean this year, and 2,921 have died trying.

However, the International Organization for Migration puts those figures at 473,887 and 2,812, respectively.

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