• publish: 21 November 2021
  • time: 12:07 pm
  • category: Politics
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Boris Johnson: United Kingdom must engage with Taliban in Afghanistan

United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that his country must engage with Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to tackle current humanitarian situation in the country.

Responding question of UK lawmaker in parliament, Boris Johnson said that they have no other option but to engage with the Taliban in order to assist the overcoming of crisis in Afghanistan.

“They may not speak for all Afghans, far from it, but they are some kind of authority- even if an imperfect authority. UK must engage, for the people they are talking about.” Said Boris Johnson.

This comes as Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not yet recognized but world countries and International humanitarian organizations are making efforts to engage with the Taliban one way or another to help prevent humanitarian disaster.

In the meantime, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has welcomed the statements by Boris Johnson and said that the official engagement will definitely make Afghanistan’s relations good with the world.

Earlier, Germany and Netherland had sent its diplomats to Afghanistan and pledged to be providing the people of Afghanistan with humanitarian assistance.

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