• publish: 23 September 2020
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By Spring, the use plan full withdrawing from Afghanistan

Pentagon has started planning to have zero U.S. troops in Afghanistan by May 2021, no full orders have yet been given to withdrawal.

“I’d like to make it clear that (Defense Secretary Mark Esper) has not issued orders to reduce military personnel below this 4,000 to 5,000 level in Afghanistan, although we are conducting prudent planning to withdraw to zero service members by May 2021 if conditions warrant, per the U.S.-Taliban agreement,” David Helvey, the official performing the duties of assistant secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific security affairs, told the House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee at a hearing.

The U.S is reportedly expected to draw down American troops stationed in Afghanistan to 4500 by November of this year.

Reports show President trump touting U.S drawdowns in the region as part of the campaign and a promise fulfilled to put an end to America’s “endless war”.

The start of the Intra-Afghan talks in Doha have not yet reached an agreement to reduce the violence in the country, but upturned Taliban insurgents have increased their rage of violence.

According to the U.S Taliban agreement, the Taliban should cut ties with Alqaeda, but earlier this month, “The Taliban has still not shown conclusively that they’re going to break with al Qaeda,” U.S. Central Command commander Gen. Frank McKenzie told the press.

Afghan peace negotiations remain far apart from establishing a ceasefire, and they still haven’t reached the point as basic as women’s rights.

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