• publish: 3 October 2021
  • time: 10:28 pm
  • category: Economy
  • No: 19017

Cars sellers in Herat: Passenger cars faced sharp drop in prices

Since the Taliban takeover, passenger cars have face sharp drop in prices.

Cars sellers in Pul-e Pashton area of Herat capital city told Raha News agency reporter compared to the past the security situations have improved but the economic situations have worsened.

“Most of the cars being sold and bought here are of Pakistani type with steering wheel on the right.” Nematullah, a car seller told Raha News Agency reporter

He also added the cars with legal documents are less sold or bought by cars sellers and customers

Because of worse economic situations, people in Herat are selling their private cars said Nematullah

A reason for sharp drop in prices of cars can be sharp increase in oil prices: in the past, before the Taliban takeover, one liter of oil was afs 35 while now it costs afs70 he said.

This comes the Taliban provincial officials have repeatedly promised to improve economic situations of the residents in Herat.

People in Herat, but selling their homes` furniture and fleeing Afghanistan.   

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