• publish: 20 October 2019
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EU envoy for Afghanistan:

Ceasefire should be included in peace agreement between America and Taliban

The European Union’s special envoy for Afghanistan on Sunday called for “swift resumption” of talks between the United States and the Taliban and inclusion of ceasefire in their agreement.

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul, Roland Kobia stressed also on the centrality of the Afghan government in peace process.

“The more the Afghan government is involved in the negotiations, the better, the more transparent and inclusive the negotiations, the better,” the diplomat said.

“Let’s ensure that the process is really in the hands of the Afghan government.”

US President Donald Trump halted peace talks with the Taliban after the group claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in Kabul as the sides were close to inking an agreement.

Kobia said that EU was sad to see the US-Taliban were stalled. He said that while it was a hurdle to the path toward starting intra-Afghan negotiations, it could also opportunities.

The envoy proposed to try to add ceasefire in the agreement. “It is the right moment and the right opportunity to maybe go one step beyond simple reduction of violence.”

Kobia said that the US-Taliban discussions should open way for the real peace process between Afghans to start.

The envoy also reaffirmed EU’s commitment to support Afghanistan after peace agreement.

“Do not think that if there is a peace agreement, international partners will pack and leave,” Kobia said. “We remain committed to support the reconstruction of Afghanistan, the future development, the trade, the connectivity with regional countries.”

He, however, said that any future political governance in Afghanistan should be fit for Western countries for its support to continue.

“If it would be an Islamic emirate where fundamental rights would not be protected, it would make it very difficult for Europeans to help the reconstruction, to provide development aid, to give access to the first world market which is the EU,” Kobia said.

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