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CEO Abdullah Abdullah declares list of his belongings

The High Office of Anti-Corruption of Afghanistan on Saturday declared a list of properties in possession of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah.

The list was declared in a report published by state-run Anis Daily newspaper as part of a practice to announce the properties and belongings of high level government officials.

CEO Abdullah was born in 1960 and holds a degree in medical field, according to a report by BBC Persian, citing the report published by Anis Daily.

He initially started serving as Foreign Affairs Minister in late 2002 and later started work as Secretary General of Ahmad Shah Masood Foundation, opposition leader and Chief Executive Officer in national unity government.

According to the report, CEO Abdullah’s wife and his four children currently reside in India and their academic expenses include $460 to $530 each on annual basis.

They are paying $1,500 in home rent and their living expenses include $930 on monthly basis which include expenses for water and electricity as well.

The report by the High Office of Anti-Corruption also covers total properties which is equivalent to over $153,000 and he owns $7,000 in Bank Al-Falah branch in Kabul.

Regarding the jewels CEO Abdullah is currently possessing includes a watchcase worth $6,700 and another watchcase worth $4,600 and he has received both of them as present.

CEO Abdullah’s wife is also having a gold watch worth $7,400, the report said, adding that his fleet of vehicles include an armored car worth $100,000, another car worth $20,000 but the values of each vehicle have depreciated to $60,000 and $8,000.

The report also added that CEO Abdullah’s wife has a car which was bought for 1.3 million Indian rupees but it’s value has depreciated to 800,000 Indian rupees now.

His other properties include a house in Kart-e-Parwan acre of Kabul city and one acre of land in Paghman district of Kabul which are both registered in his wife’s name (Fakhria) and the properties registered in his own name include a garden in Paghman district and guesthouse in Panjshir province.

He has also declared that his current earning include AFN 298,000 as monthly salary and AFN 100,000 as monthly expenses from the government and has no other income, according to the report.


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