• publish: 25 January 2016
  • time: 10:51 am
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PM Sharif:

“Certain element in Afghanistan attack Pakistan on their own”

On numerous occasions, officials from Pakistan have accused the spy agencies of Afghanistan and India for carrying attacks in Pakistan but the country’s Prime Minister has given a different statement.

Mohammad Nawaz Sharif told reporters on Sunday that Pakistan and Afghanistan have an agreement of not allowing their respective soil be used against neighbors and that the agreement is strictly followed. He said there are certain elements in Afghanistan who are attacking Pakistan on their own.

“Pakistan and Afghanistan are strictly following this agreement, but there are certain elements in Afghanistan who are attacking Pakistan on their own,” Sharif added. “Such attacks should be stopped.”

While responding to a question, PM Sharif said that regional stability is interlinked with political stability in Afghanistan and that Pakistan strongly supports an Afghan led and Afghan owned peace process for a resolution to the issue.

He added the latest quadrilateral meeting of the group comprising Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United States and China in Kabul had been encouraging.

“All three countries in the group want a peaceful settlement to the Afghan issue,” he said. “But it is not Pakistan’s sole responsibility.”

Representatives from all four countries have okayed a roadmap for reviving peace talks with Taliban which halted after the news of Mullah Mohammad Omar’s death broke out in July.


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