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Chief Executive calls on Pakistan to stop supporting terrorists

He called on Pakistan to act against the enemies of Afghanistan inside its territory as promised.

“We call on Pakistan to do what its leadership promised to us a few months ago when they agreed to crack down on known terror outfits – meaning the enemies of Afghanistan.”

Dr. Abdullah called Haqqani terrorist network as the main culprit behind the attacks over the country and urged Islamabad to take action against the terrorist group in its soil.

Pointing to the recent mass assault on northern Kunduz province and attack on Afghan cricket match in Paktika during the last 48 hours, Abdullah said some of the attackers had come from abroad, adding that,” our people continue to suffer at the hands of terrorist elements who cross into Afghanistan”.

But he expressed optimism that insurgency would be defeated, saying “these attempts will eventually fail to subdue us.”

Abdullah was expected to deliver his remarks at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, but sources close to the Chief Executive Office says he will cut his New York visit today and will return back to Afghanistan due to the recent developments in Kunduz city of Afghanistan.