• publish: 13 July 2019
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China to host Afghanistan peace conference in near future

As US delegates, Taliban and a number of Afghan civil society activists participating in Doha Intra-Afghan Dialogue have informed of possible peace agreement with the Taliban group, China would like to host meeting on Afghanistan peace.

Chinese embassy officials to Kabul in a meeting with Afghanistan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Muhib last month assured of preparation to pave the way for the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace talks. Chinese officials have also said that peace agreement and preparations could not be executed without presence of Afghanistan government.
Based on reports, it is determined that regional conference on Afghanistan peace would be soon held in China with participation of Afghanistan. Although deputy spokesperson to chief executive Faridoon Khwazoon did not give details related to the meeting, he asked regional countries to honestly cooperate in Afghanistan peace process. “Regional and world consensus are necessary for Afghanistan peace and we’re supporting any initiative and opportunity for peace in Afghanistan,” Khwazoon said, stressing that they hope Iran, Pakistan and other regional countries will be convinced in the meeting in China to support Afghanistan peace process.

US peace envoy for Afghanistan in his recent remarks in connection with the meeting in China has said he will meet representatives of regional countries in particular Iran, Pakistan and Russia in China to convince them to support Afghanistan peace process.

Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political experts believe that it is necessary besides China, Afghanistan should have close support of other regional countries in connection with Afghanistan peace process. “China is among countries that can play vital role in Afghanistan peace process and holding a meeting with participation of US and other regional countries is a good opportunity and can help convince regional countries for supporting Afghanistan peace process,” said Sahib Nazar Muradi, an Afghan political expert.
Last week, the Intra-Afghan Dialogue Meeting on Afghanistan Peace was held with participation of Taliban negotiators and dozens of Afghan political figures, civil society activists and women rights activists and ended with a resolution. In the meeting, participants agreed on reduction of violence in Afghanistan.

After ending the meeting, Afghanistan government expressed hope that ways would be provided for direct talks between the government and Taliban within the coming two months.
Afghanistan ministry of foreign affairs has welcomed tendency of the country for hosting a meeting on Afghanistan peace, saying that Afghanistan welcomes any honest steps taken for maintaining peace in Afghanistan.

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