• publish: 24 October 2021
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Closure of book stores; A book seller who sells walnut

Since the Taliban over, four libraries have been closed in Badakhshan province

There is one bookseller who, surprisingly, sell walnuts.

Ahmad Nabil Qazizadeh, who owns a large and luxurious book store in Badakhshan, has turned to selling walnuts.

“In last week, four book stores were closed due to lack of customers.” he told Raha News Agency

“To save money for life expenses and absorb youths, I sell walnuts” he added

After the recent developments, he has sold eight thousand AFs but six thousand AFs go for rent.  

“Disappointed about future, youths are not interested in studying as they were before. Closure of universities has also had negative effects on studying average.” Anam-u-llah Haqju, a semester-4-university student said

Salahuddin Qari, a cultural activist, also said youth’s interests to studying has declined but fleeing from Afghanistan increased

If the trend continues, all libraries are likely to be closed he added

Following the Taliban take over, a large numbers of educated youths fled Afghanistan.

Over two months since the Taliban came to power, girls, who are half of the school student’s population of the country, are banned from going to schools

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