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Conflict between Mohaqeq`s sons left one brother killed

In a conflict between Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq’s sons Mohammad Hussain Mohaqeq and his younger brother Mohammad Baqer Mohaqeq, one killed and the other suffered injuries.

Mohammad Hussain Mohaqeq shot his younger brother Mohammad Baqer Mohaqeq at 09:30 on Sunday morning, police said.

Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq published a statement on his Facebook wall, confirmed the death of his younger son by his other elder son.

Mohammad Hussain who suffered from a mental illness has killed his younger brother Mohammad Baqer, Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq said in a statement.

Mohammad Baqer was a parliamentary election candidate in 2019 from Kabul, but he could not bring enough votes to make way to lower house of Parliament.